Pre-Tax Administration and Compliance

Pretax Solutions

Vita is an industry leader in administering pre-tax solutions including FSA, HSA, HRA, and Commuter benefits. Our team can help you achieve tax savings without reducing benefits to your employees, all while keeping compliant.

Plan Design Options

You may choose to offer debit cards, the mobile app, and reimbursement via direct deposit or check.

Documentation & Compliance

Vita prepares the Plan Document, Summary Plan Description, Discrimination Testing and Reporting, and IRS Form 5500 filing.

Education & Communication 

High-quality education and enrollment materials are delivered to participants to increase employee engagement and participation.

On-Site Customer Concierge Team

Comprehensive support rendered by extensively trained Vita staff via telephone or email.

Vita Pretax solutions

VitaFlex Portal and Mobile

The portal and mobile app allow for employees to manage their accounts easily from home and on the go. Take a picture with your smart phone and submit a claim with the touch of a button. The portal also houses tools and resources to help employees get the most out of their tax advantaged accounts.


Participant Reporting 

Throughout the year, each participant will receive Quarterly Statements, Reminder Letters, and an Annual Statement notifying them of the status of their account.

Employer Reporting 

Employers receive scheduled reports to help keep tabs on the plan administration and banking processes. They also have access to the online employer portal where they can run these reports as desired.