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by Vita, on July 27, 2016

New to the world of benefits? Been a while since you’ve transitioned away from a role in benefits? As an HR contact to your employees, you are bound to receive …

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Topics:Employee Benefits

by Vita, on July 25, 2016

Wellness remains a hot topic among employers large and small. A successful Wellness Program can help control healthcare expenses, curb absenteeism (and presenteeism), strengthen culture, and invigorate your workforce. Here …

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by Vita, on July 21, 2016

The flu affects millions of people each year and can lead to absenteeism, serious illness, or even death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one of …

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by Vita, on July 11, 2016

On July 1, 2016, the Department of Labor (DOL) issued an interim final rule, effective August 1, 2016, to adjust the amounts of civil penalties as required by the Federal …

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