2022 Health Savings Account (HSA) Limits Announced

The Internal Revenue Service has announced the 2022 dollar limitations for Health Savings Accounts as well as underlying qualifying High Deductible Health Plans. The maximum HSA contribution and out of pocket maximum limits saw increases at both the family and individual levels.

High Deductible Health Plan Policy Limits

  2021 2022
Minimum Deductible Individual   $1,400 $1,400
  Family $2,800 $2,800
Maximum Out of Pocket Limit Individual  $7,000 $7,050
  Family $14,000 $14,100


Health Savings Account Limits

    2021 2022
Maximum HSA Contribution Individual   $3,600   $3,650
  Family $7,200 $7,300
Over Age 55 Catch-Up Contribution   $1,000  $1,000


High Deductible Health Plan Policy Limits

Any amount can be contributed to an HSA up to the maximum annual contribution, regardless of the actual deductible of the underlying HDHP plan. The HSA contribution rules assume that you will be enrolled on a high deductible health plan for 12 consecutive months.

Embedded Deductibles on an HSA-Qualified HDHP

Many qualified high deductible health plans have an aggregate family deductible, so that if an employee covers any dependents on the plan, the family deductible applies and the individual deductible is not taken into consideration. However, there are some plans that have an embedded individual deductible such that if one member of the family meets the embedded individual deductible, then the plan coinsurance would start to pay once that individual deductible is met. In order for such a plan to be a qualified HDHP, the embedded individual deductible must be at least the minimum family deductible outlined above. As an example, these types of plans would need to have an embedded individual deductible of $2,800 to remain HSA qualified in 2022.

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