Small Group Renewal Fundamentals and Strategies [Video]

Startups and small organizations (those with under 100 employees) face a unique set of challenges when designing competitive, impactful, and cost-conscious employee benefits programs. How can your benefits help attract talent in a hyper-competitive market? How do you create long-term goals while answering short-term needs? What solutions exist to help you do the job of many? Join us for an in-depth strategy session all about building an effective benefits program that works hard for your small business and your people. In this pre-recorded webinar, we cover:

  • Recruiting and Attracting Talent
  • Rating structure and strategy
  • Long Range Goals
  • Carrier Market
  • Tech Solutions
  • Small Group Landscape
  • Location, remote work force
  • Participation
  • Ancillary Coverage
  • Role of the broker