Kaiser Permanente Workers Strike

[UPDATE 10/13/2023]

Kaiser Reaches Tentative Deal with Union

Kaiser Permanente’s healthcare workers union reached a tentative labor agreement with Kaiser on Friday, October 13th. The three-day strike earlier this month was the largest ever in the U.S. healthcare industry. This tentative agreement is expected to avert further potential work stoppages that the union indicated were planned for the first week of November. This is welcome news for both the Kaiser members and the Kaiser healthcare system.


A major strike has taken effect across portions of the Kaiser Permanente health system. An estimated 75,000 healthcare professionals are striking, impacting hundreds of hospitals and medical facilities. There are two unions formally striking:

  • UFCW 555 (Pharmacy Technicians / Pharmacy Warehouse) announced a strike that began October 1st and could last through October 21st.
  • SEIU announced a strike that began October 4th and could last through October 6th.

Why are workers striking?

Kaiser Permanente healthcare workers are striking to improve working conditions and pay prior to agreeing to a new contract. Union leaders are concerned with Kaiser’s commitment to appropriate staffing levels and have presented data that 11% of union positions were vacant as of April 2023. Kaiser union workers believe this staffing shortage is impacting their ability to give the best patient care possible. 

What does this mean for Kaiser members?

Employees and individuals with Kaiser coverage may experience delays, or otherwise impacted patient experience, during this strike. However, there is good reason to believe that both parties will be incentivized to resolve the impasse as soon as possible.

Kaiser members will continue to receive communication from the health system regarding patient expectations. Members have already received communication on how to access pharmacy benefits based on their regional location, and Kaiser will employ temporary staffing to meet the immediate care needs of members.

Employer Actions:

We believe it is important for employers to be aware of the current situation and to direct Kaiser members to follow best practices outlined in Kaiser communications.


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