ACA Under Trump: What Has Happened So Far...


January 22, 2017

What Happened:
- Republican plan to turn over Medicaid (Medi-Cal in California) to states released
- Currently fed/state partnership for payment of healthcare expenses (for the poor)
- Current funding is open-ended (meaning it shares costs for all costs for care to which people are entitled)
- Replace with block healthcare grants to states
- No details on how block grants would be structured (could be flat amount or per head amount)

Supporters say: 
- States then would then have defined pot of money to provide healthcare
- Those closest to caring for the people can determine the best approach
- Cut out the fraud, waste, and abuse
- Get help directly to the people
- No one will lose coverage

Critics say:
- Block grants would freeze the amount of money provided to states
- Could lead to reductions in funding, and thus threaten benefits for millions

January 20, 2017

What Happened:
- Trump signed executive order (hours after in office)
- One page order (no details)
- Directs heads of HHS/other agency to not enforce regulations that impose a financial burden on a state, company, or individual

Supporters Say: 
- Trump is fulfilling campaign promise to repeal/fix Obamacare
- Current regulations are choking business and government alike
- No one will lose care because of this action

Critics Say:
- Replace plan hasn’t been vetted yet
- Millions will be left without healthcare

Stay tuned as events progress...