Republican Healthcare Policy Concept Document Released


February 16, 2017

What Happened:
- 19 Page document released
- Outlines key provisions of the Republican healthcare Platform
- 4 Key Tenets of Proposal:

  • Modernize Medicaid
  • Utilize State Innovation Grants
  • Enhance HSAs
  • Provide Monthly Tax Credits

- Suggests ACA tax items that will likely be eliminated

  • Individual mandate penalties
  • Employer mandate penalties
  • Cadillac tax
  • Health Insurance, Rx, and medical device industry taxes

What Supporters Say
- There is no fix to Obamacare
- These changes will achieve the following objectives:

  • Move healthcare decisions away from Washington to the states
  • Provide coverage protections and peace of mind
  • Make health insurance more affordable
  • Fix marketplace difficulties
  • Enhance competition

What Critics Say
- Changes may cause collapse of individual marketplace
- Reduces support for low-income families
- Proposed changes will restrict accessibility and will not lower cost


Stay tuned as events progress...